Where Can I Learn the Craft of Sign Painting?

Overview of workshops, courses, apprenticeships, and places to learn the craft of sign painting.

Hand resting on a mahl stick while holding a brush and painting letters in black.
Learning the basics of sign painting at a workshop. Photo: Simon Schoch.

Despite the resurgence in sign painting, and interest in learning the craft, there hasn’t been a widespread reopening of technical courses, nor apprenticeship opportunities.

Those recently entering the trade have largely done so through a combination of workshops, short apprenticeships, online resources, and books such as Sign Painting.

Each of these can play a role, and this article guides you through some of the current options. Read on for a digest of sign painting workshops (including hosts around the world), apprenticeships, courses, and places to learn the craft online.

Whatever path you take on your sign painting journey, you'll have to practise. Whether it’s 10,000 hours, or some other measure, investing time in the basics pays dividends in the long run. Print a sheet of strokes or an alphabet, place some glass or tracing paper over it, and get your brush wet—ideally on a daily basis.