Sign Painting Book

Sign Painting by Mike Meyer & Friends is the most comprehensive contemporary guide to the tools, materials and techniques used by sign painters. It includes a jargon-busting glossary, and details of specialist suppliers around the world. There's also over 40 full-colour alphabets to inspire you.

192 Pages, 300 Illustrations
Hardcover, 283 x 219 mm (11.1" x 8.6"), weight 1kg (2.2lb)
Published by Laurence King
ISBN 978-1-78627-692-6
$35 / £25 / €30

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Sign Painting
The definitive contemporary guide to sign painting tools, materials, and techniques. Includes over 40 original alphabets, full glossary, and details of specialist sign suppliers around the world. Reviews “Sign Painting 101, very helpful.” “The book is really well organized and beautifully printed. T…
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