Watch the Free Recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03

Signs, sign painting, and more in these free event recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03.

Close-up of a hand picking up a tiny tin of paint made to scale for a larger diorama.
Danielle McGurran's tiny tins of 1 Shot paints from the Sign Painter's Studio miniature.

BLAG Meet is a free online event that gives you the opportunity to meet and hear from contributors to each issue of the magazine.

The first one of these was hosted in October 2023, with a day of talks, studio visits, interviews and demonstrations from people inside Issue 03 of BLAG. You can catch up on these via the recordings below.

BLAG 03 is available to buy individually from the BLAG Shop.

What’s Inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)?
Between the covers of the adventures in sign painting in Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

The following sessions are available as recordings below, in order of appearance on the day of the event. Thank you to everyone that contributed, and keep an eye on the events page for future BLAG events.

  1. Justin Burns / @jburnsdesign sharing more of his adventures in the typographic vernacular of the English seaside.
  2. Danielle McGurran / @cityfolkstudio taking us inside her closet-based studio (aka The Cludio); the tiny space from which her tiny creations are brought to life.
  3. Jill Strong / @jill.strong.signs talking about her route into sign painting, and finding her niche within it.
  4. Halfstudio / @halfstudiosigns discussing how their work has evolved over time, including the recent move into three dimensions.
  5. Gustavo Ferrari / @ferrarifileteados demonstrating the technique of painting acanthus leaves in the Fileteado Porteño style.
  6. Tozer Signs / @tozersigns showcasing her Secret Santa initiative, with tips on how to run your own.
  7. Bob Dewhurst / @nevadahandpainted talking about making a living as a freelance sign painter, and some of the basics he's learned over the last 47 years.
  8. Stephen Coles / @typographica and Kel Troughton / @keltroughton opening up the incredible Ross F. George collection at Letterform Archive / @letterformarchive.
  9. Chris Raley / @route9signs sharing his miniature signs and process.

The Recordings