BLAG Events

BLAG Events are hosted online, bringing a world of sign painting experience and expertise directly to your screen. Find details of those coming soon below, including BLAG Meet, Member Meetups, and listings for future Letterheads meets.

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Forthcoming Events

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 05

Saturday, 9 November, timings to be confirmed

Meet contributors to BLAG 05 at this free online event, and check out the recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03 and BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04 while you wait.

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Watch the Recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04
Over ten hours of talks, interviews, studio visits, and demonstrations from contributors to BLAG 04.
Watch the Free Recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03
Signs, sign painting, and more in these free event recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03.
BLAG Chat - BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)
Recordings of BLAG Chats published at online.

Letterheads Listings

Learn more about the Letterheads in these online articles.

2025: The Letterheads 50th Anniversary Meet will be held at the American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dates in summer 2025 to be confirmed, so watch this space...