BLAG Events

BLAG Events are hosted online, bringing a world of sign painting experience and expertise directly to your screen.

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Forthcoming Events

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04

Saturday, 2 March, timings to be confirmed.

An opportunity to meet contributors to BLAG 04. Check out the recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03 here.

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03
Meet contributors from Issue 03 of BLAG across a series of talks, interviews, and demonstrations.


Roses are Red: A Narrowboat Tradition

The recording of this BLAG Demo is available to purchase and watch until 22 December 2023. It is just over two hours long, and includes the chance to watch and learn as a full panel of decorative roses and flowers is painted. In the middle, while the first round of paint dries, Ginny Barlow takes some time to place the work in context with a history of the craft and some of its influential practitioners.

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BLAG Chats

Recordings from BLAG Chats are usually made available to members after the event. Those from BLAG Demos are shared with participants for two weeks after the demonstration.

BLAG Chat - BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)
Recordings of BLAG Chats published at online.

External Events

BLAG maintains an event listings page with happenings more widely in the worlds of sign painting, lettering and typography.

Event Listings
Sign painting and lettering event listings from BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

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