Issue 01 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) is Here

A look inside Issue 01 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine): Adventures in Sign Painting.

Men wading in water to paint a sign on a wall.
In deep: French sign painters Vincent Audoin and Francois Morel at work on the set of The French Dispatch, from the cover of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine), Issue 01.

Yesterday I went to collect Issue 01 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine). It was a special moment to finally see and hold the real thing after looking at it on screens for so long. I'm chuffed with the design by UTILE and the print from SYL L'Art Gráfic. I can't wait to start getting reactions from subscribers.

The magazine will be making its way to locations all over the world from this week, for those signed up at Blagger level and above. Shipping is included in the subscription, and I will send Issue 01 to new subscribers that sign up now, while stocks last.

BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) will not be available for general sale, see FAQs on the About page, so subscribing is the only way to be sure of getting a copy.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me to reach this point: contributors; sponsors; patrons; subscribers; family and friends. I'm excited to continue our adventures in sign painting following this milestone.

All good things, Sam

Man reading a magazine.
Enjoying my first read of the magazine proper.
Girl reading a magazine.
Kids love it too.