BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03

This event was an opportunity to meet contributors to Issue 03 of BLAG across a series of talks, interviews, studio visits, and demonstrations. For more BLAG Events, visit

BLAG Events
Sign painting, sign and lettering events organised by BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

The majority of the recordings are now posted below for you to catch up.

The event was completely free, but you can leave a tip to support the technical running costs, and the video hosting for the recordings.

Magazine cover on top of two sides of a poster that comes inside.
Issue 03 of BLAG with limited edition poster pull-out.


Across this free online event, these were the ten sessions from contributors to BLAG 03.

Signs at the Seaside

Justin Burns (@jburnsdesign) shared more of his adventures in the typographic vernacular of the English seaside.

Signs of the Seaside: Coastal Lettering and Typography
Original artefacts and contemporary work explore the typographic vernacular of the English seaside.

Tiny Things from a Tiny Closet

Danielle McGurran from City Folk Studio (@cityfolkstudio) took us inside her closet-based studio (aka The Cludio), which is the tiny space from which her tiny creations are brought to life.

Interowriting: Writing from Rhythm

Regular BLAG columnist Alice Mazzilli (@alicemazzilli) explored her Interowriting concept, including the role of rhythm.

Person writing calligraphy on a wall, which is in focus while the person is blurred, suggestive of their movement.
Alice Mazziili writing on the wall.

Starting Out and Finding a Niche

Jill Strong (@jill.strong.signs) shared her journey into the trade, and finding her niche within it, offering a host of practical tips along the way.

Towards the end of the conversation, Jill talked about flamboyant paints, to which she adds:

"Pebéo make a range of transparent paints called 'Vitrail' which will work like flamboyants. They're not enamels—so they're for indoor work only—but painted over silver leaf they give a similar effect to flamboyants."

Jill is happy to be contacted via her Instagram above for any follow-up questions about her work and flamboyant paints.

Halfstudio Visit & Interview

Mariana Branca and Emanuel Barreira, the duo behind Portugal's Halfstudio (@halfstudiosigns), took us around their (full) studio talked about how their work has evolved over time, including the recent move into three dimensions.

Painting Acanthus Leaves

In his regular BLAG column, Gustavo Ferrari (@ferrarifileteados) is revealing the secrets of Fileteado Porteño. This session built on the third in the series with some more advanced acanthus leaf painting techniques.

Between about 07:30 and 16:30, I hadn't 'spotlit' the correct camera, and so you may wish to skip this part and watch the bulk of the demonstration that had the right set-up.
Enjoy a Free Fileteado Porteño Lesson from Gustavo Ferrari
Start learning the Fileteado Porteño artform via the new online course from Gustavo Ferrari.

Tozer's Secret Santa

Bristol's Tozer Signs (@tozersigns) showcased her Secret Santa project, with tips on how to run your own.

I'm Only A Fucking Sign Painter

Bob Dewhurst (@nevadahandpainted) talked about trying to make a living as a freelance sign painter, and some of the basics he's learned over the last 47 years.

Ross F. George at Letterform Archive

Stephen Coles (@stewf) and Kel Throughton (@keltroughton) opened up Letterform Archive's (@letterformarchive) incredible Ross F. George collection. This included numerous gems that aren’t shown online, from his own show cards, to prototype pens, to a rare glimpse of his studio.

Opening the Digital Doors to Letterform Archive
Letterform Archive’s online collection of lettering inspiration.

Making Miniatures

Get up close and personal with Chris Raley at Route 9 Signs (@route9signs) as he shares his miniature signs and process.

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What’s Inside Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)?
Between the covers of the adventures in sign painting in Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).

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BLAG Events
Sign painting, sign and lettering events organised by BLAG (Better Letters Magazine).