Why Everything Is(n't) Free at BLAG

BLAG is a reader-funded publication, which keeps most of the online content and events free for all.

Hand-painted grocery store-style showcard on top of a poster that shows various different types of letter shades.
"All good things, $0,00 at Sam's". Showcard by Pieter Snijders / @boldstatements.nl. (The shaded letters poster behind is available in Pieter's online shop.)

On my birthday last year I received this hand-painted gift above from Pieter at Boldstatements during the Letterheads in Brussels—thanks again Pieter!

You may recognise my email signoff—all good things—but it's the price tag I want to talk about. I feel that Pieter captured something fundamental about me and my work, which is that I would do it all for free. If I could.

Gratitude & Gatekeeping

Reviewing the 2024 reader survey, I've been immensely grateful for all the kind words about my efforts on BLAG. In addition to things like "BLAG is a must have!" and "Love it all :-)", there are dozens of thank you messages and encouragement to "Keep up the great work!".

However, I want to share this comment from last year's survey:

Why do you subscribe to BLAG?