Getting Into It: Sign Painters' Stories Around the World

Six sign painters tell the stories of their paths into the trade, and offer their advice to others.

View from behind a woman's head as she paints black thick and thin lettering onto a white background.
Camille Weber painting a poster to promote an art exhibition at La Galerue in Lyon, France.

As more and more folks quit their old or part-time jobs to go full-time at sign painting, Lauren Kerbel (@torontosignpainter) talked to six painters from around the world to learn about their paths into the trade.

If your resolution for 2024 is to finally pick up the brush, or to go full tilt at sign painting, then these stories should inspire you, give you some practical guidance, and a reality check in terms of challenges that might lie ahead.

Once you're fired up and ready to go, make sure you have a copy of the Sign Painting book at your side, and check out the various opportunities to learn the craft in-person and online.

Where Can I Learn the Craft of Sign Painting?
Overview of sign painting workshops, courses, apprenticeships, and places to learn the craft online.