Walldogging Galore at the MuralFest In The Dalles, Oregon

The Walldogs painted 17 murals celebrating the city, history and people of The Dalles, Oregon.

Two people painting a car on a wall.
Work in progress on the 55m (180’) wide centrepiece of the NorthWest MuralFest in The Dalles, designed by Noel B. Weber.

Back in the heat of August, the Walldogs gathered to paint a series of murals in The Dalles, Oregon. The event took place after a Covid-enforced delay, and brought together an international cast of artists and designers, supported by a team of volunteer painters. The Northwest MuralFest was bathed in sunshine as wall after wall was decorated with murals celebrating the city, its history, and people.

About the Walldogs

The basic premise of the Walldogs is to improve the appearance of towns and cities by painting large, colourful murals. These celebrate important pieces of local heritage, and significant historical figures. Fundraising covers the direct costs of designing and producing the murals, with volunteers helping to paint them over the days of the event.

The event in The Dalles, Oregon, lasted five days from 24–28 August 2022. 15 murals were painted, bringing the total to 17 after two had been produced as tests ahead of time. Many of the mural themes were selected based on a public vote, and range from local communities and groups, to individuals including village chiefs, entrepreneurs, rodeo stars, and dancers.

The Dalles MuralFest Murals