On the Brush with Barbara Enright and Carla Hackett

Recording of Barbara Enright and Carla Hackett's BLAG Chat and brush lettering demonstration.

Two women at a table with easels in front of them.
Brush lettering duo Barbara Enright and Carla Hackett. Photo: Ben Christensen.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting Barbara Enright (@barbaraenright) and Carla Hackett (@carlahackett) for our inaugural BLAG Chat. They talked about their respective paths into the world of lettering, and demonstrated some of their brush skills.

The recording of the event is now available below, including the links mentioned during their chat.

Thank you Barbara and Carla for a fun and informative session, and for painting this announcement for BLAG 03 which will start arriving with Blaggers from next month.

Brush-lettered poster.
Barbara Enright painted this piece during the online event, and ahead of Issue 03 of BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) shipping to Blaggers next month.

Details of future BLAG Events can be found at bl.ag/events.