Sign Painting and Lettering Events

Sign painting, sign and lettering events can be submitted for listing via or on the submissions page. See these posts for reviews of past events, including Letterheads meets, and join the mailing list for periodic events news.

BLAG Events

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04 is happening online on Saturday, 2 March.

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04

Online, 2 March

BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04
Meet contributors to BLAG 04 across a day of talks, interviews, studio visits, and demonstrations.
You Are Not Alone Murals: Allowing Vulnerability Into Your Art and Life is happening online on Friday, 22 March.

You Are Not Alone Murals: Allowing Vulnerability Into Your Art and Life

Online, 22 March

Panel discussion with artists from the You Are Not Alone Murals initiative.

Moving Type: From Static Lettering to Type in Motion is happening online on Friday, 26 April.

Moving Type: From Static Lettering to Type in Motion

Online, 26 April

Talk and Q+A with Chris Campe (@allthingsletters).

Conferences, Letterheads, and Socials

Online: BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04, 2 March

Midvale, Utah: LetterWest, 2 March

London: Tribute to Phil Baines, 1958–2024, 20 March

New York: Seaport Mural Festival with You Are Not Alone Murals, 23–24 April

New York: Typographics, 10–18 June

Letterheads: A Day at the Races, Epsom, Surrey, UK, 21–23 June

Epsom: Letterheads 2024, 21–23 June

Villa Grove, Illinois: Walldogs Meet, 19–23 June

Berlin: Berlin Letters, 5–7 July

Letterheads Meet Reviews on BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)
Reviews, photo galleries, and films of Letterheads meets. IOAFS.

Charleston, South Carolina: Society of Gilders Conference, 5–9 August

Cambridge, New Zealand: NZ Letterheads, 26–28 October

Amelia Island, Florida: Walldogs Meet, 6–10 November

Berlin: Burds of the Brush, dates to be confirmed in 2024

2025: The Letterheads 50th Anniversary Meet will be held at the American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dates in summer 2025 to be confirmed, so watch this space...

Workshops and Courses

Some workshops and courses happen regularly, so these are given as links to their respective listings pages, following by other individual classes.

Rolling Workshops and Courses

Los Angeles: Sign Graphics at LA Trade Tech

San Francisco: Introduction to Brush Lettering with New Bohemia Signs

Various Locations: Sign Painting and Gilding with Mike Meyer

Online / Los Angeles: Lettering, Layout and Other Topics with Smart Alex Signs

Various Locations: Sign Painting with Bryan Yonki

Where Can I Learn the Craft of Sign Painting?
Overview of sign painting workshops, courses, apprenticeships, and places to learn the craft online.

Glasgow: Beginner's Signwriting Workshops with Bungo Signs

Brighton: Signwriting with Terry Smith

Online / White Waltham, Maidenhead: Sign Painting, Gilding, and Fairground Art with Joby Carter

Dublin: Signwriting at Ballyfermot Training Centre

Online / Torquay, Devon: Gilding with David A. Smith

Cincinnati: Sign Crafting Saturday at the American Sign Museum

Bruges: Courses and workshops with the European Lettering Institute

Other Workshops and Courses

Online: Juicy Script Lettering, 2 March

Online: Taller de Illustrator para lettering, 2–16 March

Online: Taller de Lettering en Pizarra, 2–16 March

Online: Modular Lettering, 5–26 March

Ditchling: Introduction to Stone Carving, 10 March

Stockholm: International Sign Painting Workshop, 16–17 March

Tokyo: Sign Painting Workshop, 23–24 March

Drop Cap, Monograms & Illustrated Word, 3 April–8 May.

Online: Drop Cap, Monograms & Illustrated Word, 3 April–8 May

New York: Introduction to Lettering, 13–14 April

New York: Grids and Layouts, 27 April

Portland, Oregon: Sign Painting Workshop (Evenings), 1–22 May

Somerville, Massachusetts: Intro to Sign Painting, 18–19 May


London: Queens of the Wall, 7–10 March

Los Angeles: The Ralph “Doc” Guthrie Art Show, 15–16 March

Serial Painters in Nantes, France, from 22 March.

Nantes: Serial Painters, from 22 March

Berlin: Final Sale — From Department Stores to Museums, to 7 April

Köln: Francis Alÿs, Wolfgang-Hahn-Preis 2023, to 7 April

Pasadena, California: Quasi: Experimental Writing Systems, to 14 April

San Francisco: Typographic Jazz: The Monoprints of Jack Stauffacher, to 26 May

Bridport, Dorset: George Biles Exhibition, 1–31 August

Munich: Paula Scher: Type is Image, to 22 September

Give Me a Sign: The Language of Symbols at Cooper Hewitt.

New York: Give Me a Sign: The Language of Symbols, to 24 September


Las Vegas: Brilliant!

Online: Once Upon a Try from the Museum of Brands

Online / San Francisco: Strikethrough: Typographic Messages of Protest [Also available as an online experience]

Talks, Tours and Screenings

London / Online: Letter Exchange lecture series, various date to 12 June

Online: Ghostsigns Walking Tours, ongoing

BLAG Chat - BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)
Recordings of BLAG Chats published at online.

Cincinnati: Neonworks Demonstrations, ongoing

San Francisco: Neon Walking Tours, Screenings, and Talks, ongoing

Online: BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04, 2 March

San Francisco / Online: Salon Series 47: The Complete Commercial Artist: Making Modern Design in Japan, 1928–1930, 7 March

San Francisco: Glowing in the Dark screening, 9 March

London / Online: Always Now: Typography and Semiotics, 14 March

Cincinnati / Online: It’s a Gas: Neon’s Early History in America, 21 March

Online: You Are Not Alone Murals: Allowing Vulnerability Into Your Art and Life, 22 March

Online: Type Revival for Period Film & TV, 2 April

Online: Moving Type: From Static Lettering to Type in Motion, 26 April

Event Reviews

Event Previews & Reviews on Better Letters Magazine
Previews and reviews of of sign painting and lettering events.