Sign Painting on the Small Screen in Ireland

Illustrator Holly Pereira presents Irish TV show featuring sign painting, among other crafts.

Signwriting brushes in a case.

I'm still waiting for the TV series where participants have to learn and execute different elements of sign painting, with one eliminated each week based on their project output. A winner is then crowned according to the wisdom of the judges, a panel of seasoned craftspeople. Think Strictly Come Signwriting, or the Great British Gild-Off (both © Sam Roberts / Better Letters if any producers are reading 😂).

In the meantime, I was delighted to see that a show in Ireland, This is Art Club!, has featured a whole range of craft skills, including sign painting and mural production. Not only that, but one of the presenters is muralist and illustrator, Holly Pereira. I sent her some questions to learn a bit more about the show, and the experience of performing to camera for the first time.