Reverse Glass Gilding Processes in an Informative Video Overview

Pat Minervini on the techniques used to create his decorative gilded glass piece for Gretsch Guitar.

Decorative glass panel with gold, silver and green paint. It reads "Gretsch 125 year anniversary, 1883–2008".
Pat Minervini's Gretsch Guitar anniversary panel made with a variety of reverse glass gilding processes.

Reverse glass gilding processes range in their complexity, and can be applied in combination to achieve numerous visual effects, eg David A. Smith's Ludlow & Blunt creation. They can also seem somewhat mysterious, especially to newcomers.

In this informative video overview, designer and artist Pat Minervini (@pasqualeartist), talks through the glass and gilding techniques used to create a pair of decorative panels for Gretsch Guitars. It starts with a pencil drawing that is vectorised, before executing a number of processes, including: brilliant cutting; acid etching; glue chipping; silvering; oil gilding; engine turning; and stipple blending.

Pat made the video to help answer the questions he gets about creating his glass pieces, and it is therefore presented in simple terms which help to understand the reverse glass gilding processes involved.