Craft & Creativity: The Making of Ludlow and Blunt

David A. Smith and Danny Cooke on 'The Making of Ludlow and Blunt', an incredible artwork and film.

Decorative artwork in gold and paint on glass.
"By appointment to the well groomed." Portion of David A. Smiths reverse glass piece for New York barbers Ludlow and Blunt.

There can't be many sign painting commissions that take five years to complete, but that's exactly what happened with David A. Smith's recent work for New York barbers Ludlow and Blunt. The result is an elaborate piece of reverse glass work set between two mirrors in a bespoke carved frameā€”it will no doubt be a frequent conversation starter with customers sitting down for a beard trim or single grade buzz.

Chairs, sinks and mirrors in a barber's salon.
The bespoke artwork and flanking mirrors by David A. Smith for Ludlow and Blunt in New York.