Introducing the Mack & Meyer Mop

The Mack & Meyer Mop, a synthetic chisel sign painting brush manufactured by Mack Brush for Mike Meyer.

Array of sign painting brushes.
The Mack & Meyer Mop series of sign painting brushes.

Mike Meyer has launched his first signature sign painting brush in partnership with Mack Brushes. The Mack & Meyer Mop is available in size 0 and all the even number up to and including 16. They can be bought in Europe through A.S. Handover, Australia via 1-Shot Australia and in the USA directly from Mack.

Here’s a little more about the brush…

The Mack & Meyer Mop uses a synthetic sable hair that is like no other synthetic on the market. This synthetic is the closest thing to real sable hair without having to pay the steep sable price. The synthetic sable is unusual in the fact that it absorbs paint like natural hair. More importantly, it flows out of the brush in a controlled manner. This brush can be used with enamel, urethane and water based paint. The series number is 1961 which may or may not be a significant year in Mike Meyer’s life story…
The Mack & Meyer Mop
The Mack & Meyer Mop.

While he was last over in London he painted the showcard below using the techniques developed when producing the Better Letters Glowing Alphabet Peep Show.

The Mack & Meyer Mop, showcard by Mike Meyer with fluorescent colours under UV light
The Mack & Meyer Mop, showcard by Mike Meyer with fluorescent colours under UV light.
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