Chain Letter: Ornamental Conifer

Ornamental Conifer shares the inspiration he's taken from the 1950s 'Fabulous' Hudson Hornet.

Vintage car with hand-painted lettering on its livery.
Restored 'Fabulous' Hudson Hornet, modelled on the one driven by Herb Thomas in NASDAR races.

Chain Letter invites a sign painter or lettering artist to share a piece of lettering that has influenced or inspired them, before passing the baton to someone else, in a never-ending chain.

In the last one, Etienne Renard nominated Nicolai Sclater, aka Ornamental Conifer, an artist and art director in Los Angeles.

What have you selected?

It's a Hudson Hornet car, customised for racing and made famous by Herb Thomas in NASCAR championship races. I could have chosen any race car with hand-painted lettering on it, but I was recently given a scale model of this one, so it seemed fitting to select it.

How did it inspire you?