Chain Letter: Ornamental Conifer

Ornamental Conifer shares the inspiration he's taken from the 1950s 'Fabulous' Hudson Hornet.

Vintage car with hand-painted lettering on its livery.
Restored 'Fabulous' Hudson Hornet, modelled on the one driven by Herb Thomas in NASDAR races.

Chain Letter invites a sign painter or lettering artist to share a piece of lettering that has influenced or inspired them, before passing the baton to someone else, in a never-ending chain.

In the last one, Etienne Renard nominated Nicolai Sclater, aka Ornamental Conifer, an artist and art director in Los Angeles.

What have you selected?

It's a Hudson Hornet car, customised for racing and made famous by Herb Thomas in NASCAR championship races. I could have chosen any race car with hand-painted lettering on it, but I was recently given a scale model of this one, so it seemed fitting to select it.

How did it inspire you?

Back when I was starting out, I wanted to learn more about lettering. For me it is an efficient means of communication, and something I wanted to use more in my creative practice.

I started to buy hot-rod magazines and this was one of the cars that caught my attention in those. In a way, these customised cars kickstarted my career, and I've regularly used colour schemes and lettering styles from them in my own work.

Who would you like to see next in the Chain Letter?

I would like to pass the chain to Serge Lowrider in Beaumont, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Ornamental Conifer / @ornamentalconifer

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