The Sky's the Limit: A Chat with Right Way Signs

Recording of Right Way Signs' BLAG Chat about their niche of massive hand-painted roof signs.

Drone photo of a large sign painted on a sloping roof with the city of Chicago in the background.
The iconic Morton Salt roof sign, the painting of which was the main case study in Right Way Signs' BLAG Chat. 

Health Warning: Vertigo sufferers may want to skip this post or, at the very least, not look down.

Right Way Signs have built an impressive portfolio of hand-painted roof signs over the last ten years, including the latest iteration of Chicago's iconic Morton Salt shed. This was one of the case studies in Alex Perry's BLAG Chat, where he shared their learning from these projects, and insights into how they pull them off.

During the talk (recording below), Alex shared this preview of a video they're producing about the Morton Salt project. The final cut is expected over the summer, and I'll post it to this page once it's ready.

Preview of the forthcoming Morton Salt Roof project video coming from Right Way Signs.

Thank you to Alex at Right Way Signs (@rightwaysigns) and Signcrowd (@signcrowd) for sharing these experiences in what was a fascinating dive into the vertigo-inducing niche of massive hand-painted roof signs.