Denver's Home Run: It’s Outta Here!

Mark Oatis' account of the processes and techniques used to paint a faux-aged mural sign in Denver.

Denver's Home Run: It’s Outta Here!
This is a digital reproduction of Mark Oatis' March 2001 article for Sign Business magazine with the addition of some previously unpublished photos. The original article can be downloaded as a PDF below.

It’s Outta Here!

Using the Historical District’s mandates to create a new vintage landmark.

There’s nothing that will make you nostalgic like learning that a local landmark is closing its doors.

That’s especially true if you once lived, breathed and sweat blood doing artwork or graphics for the place. (Here I must pause to warn you never to bleed or sweat over any job, however exciting — and I also ask that you contact me and tell me how you manage to avoid it!)

The landmark in question is Denver’s Champion Brewing Company, which enjoyed a nine-year run at one of our city’s most enjoyable brewpubs. Opened in spring 1991, the Champion served great food and an assortment of hand-crafted brews, all against the backdrop of historic sports memorabilia and other, more eclectic décor.