'A Wink on the Wall' from Mexico's Other Muralism

Join the Adventures in Mexican sign painting with Enrique Soto Eguibar and Artes de México.

Photo showing a painting of the Mona Lisa on a wall with 'Rotulos' sign, and headline, author name, and article text.
Interior page spread of 'Sign Painting: The 'Other' Muralism', Artes de México, 2009, No.95, opening the article 'Un Guiño en la Pared' (A Wink on the Wall) by Enrique Soto Eguibar.

BLAG 02 featured the photography of Alex Kurunis, capturing the signs and sign painters he found on his travels in Mexico. The article referenced the collection of essays in El Otro Murlismo (The Other Muralism) published in 2009 in Artes de México No.95.

Cover of a journal with an Illustration of an anthropomorphised prawn carrying a plate of food. The lettering reads "El Otro Muralismo: Rótulos Comerciales. Artes de México 95".
Cover of 'Sign Painting: The 'Other' Muralism'. Artes de México, 2009, No.95.

I ordered a copy directly from the publisher, and have licenced one of its essays, 'Un Guiño en la Pared' (A Wink on the Wall) for reproduction here. In it, Enrique Soto Eguibar discusses his fascination with documenting hand-painted signs in Mexico, the iconography found on them, and his observations on those that paint them.